Nema Foundation

Amy founded Nema which works with 16 communities (24,000 people) to eradicate the extreme poverty that exists in the Guludo area of in Northern Mozambique. In 2002 there was no access to safe water, life expectancy was 38 years, infant mortality was 1 in 3 and few children went to school due to such poor food security.

Forward to 2016... Nema provides 1,000 school meals a day, awarded over 200 secondary school scholarships, provided access to safe water for 20,000 people, built 4 schools and 1 clinic, operate two ambulances for 36,000 people and have extensive HIV, Nutrition, Malaria and Hygiene and Sanitation projects. Nema supports vulnerable members of the community through several associations, including 2 bakeries, 2 soap-making co-ops and several craft groups.